Thursday, November 22, 2007

Thanksgiving Thankful list

My friend Meg has a tradition of writing a Thanksgiving list for that which she is most grateful from the past year. I love this idea and am going to start doing the same. So here goes.

1. My wonderful, loving family who supports me doing what I love in life
2. Nights when city power is on and the fan runs all night!
3. The little things which make me smile and get me through the day here in Juba (like right now, watching lizards chase each other around on the wall outside my window)
4. A fabulous job that challenges me and is hugely rewarding
5. Mint chocolate chip ice cream
6. Online card games and 3 hour long cat discussions with Biz
7. My two Beatrice who I miss terribly and can't wait to see next month and their men who make them feel like Reinitas
8. My brother Paul and his (former) mohawk and trebuchet
9. My brother Luke and his considerateness
10. Music. It makes life worth living.
11. Cipro. It's been a lifesaver twice now.
12. Kitchen dance parties with canned beats!!! Cafe Ontario must live on!!!
13. The hundred acre wood and for not merely living in the past but continuing to make memories in the present
14. Modern technology that lets me trapse around the globe but still be in touch with the people I love. Especially satelite phones so I can call my family on Thanksgiving from Sudan.
15. A world that lets me be idealistic while still being realistic
16. Mad Dog 20/20 and the people who send it to me in Sudan (RyRy I'm still waiting!!!)
17. Good advice. Meg, Tiff, Mom & Dad, KJ, Cyd, Julie, Melody, Lorea, I value your opinions more than you know.
18. Beaches and scuba diving
19. People who give good hugs - way too many to name
20. LC, JS, CH, DA, TM, AM, CC - I think about you guys often and can feel your warmth and support from afar :)
21. The support of family friends. Hettinger, Gaskin, Zinn, Dosio, it's great to know you're there.
22. Massages, manicures and pedicures
23. Kikoys and people who give them as gifts

Happy Thanksgiving everyone :)

Much love


John said...

I like your list. Your friend AM referred me to your blog. I plan to structure an internship in Sudan for this coming summer, but I feel drawn to Darfur. Many people look at me like I am crazy and I try to look back like "you just realized... :-P"

I wish you a peaceful Thanksgiving as well.

With warmth,


RyRy said...

Awww, I'm thankful that you're coming for New Years! I can give you a hug and drink Mad Dog and dance with you nonstop(tackling three things in one fell swoop!)

I hope you had a good chat with your family.

I miss you lots and think about you often. I can only begin to imagine the life experiences you are having.

Eric said...

I hope I'm one of the good hug folks you mentioned.

Monica said...

oh beatrice, i miss you terribly too and hope you had a great thanksgiving with no goat gravy!