Saturday, November 3, 2007

My brother is awesome

And here's his halloween "costume." I'm lobbying for him to keep the hair, it's just so damn cool.

In other news, I was on TV in Juba the other day, talking about my organization's HIV activities in Central Equitoria State during a Southern Sudan AIDS Commission meeting. How cool is that!

Also, my ankle is getting better. The swelling went down a bunch and the bruising is almost gone. It's fine enough to walk on and dance on (not 100% like my normal dancing, but good enough), but not yet ok enough to play rugby. Maybe next Friday.

And finally, here is a picture from Tambura - the Sudanese version of a gas station.
The guy on the left is a policeman, and yes, he is wearing a fuzzy tiger print cowboy hat. There were several men wearing these, they must have gotten a shipment in from Uganda.

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