Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Picture Post 1: Faces


Gatto999 said...

Great shots !...
Ciao from Italy

nyGRINGAinCHILE said...

these pix are wonderful erin...they made me smile. i miss you xoxoxox

M.Lane said...

Fantastic! Thanks for sharing these wonderful photos.

And...welcome back from your birthday celebration!


NAYER said...

I find your blog and I just stopped to say hi, your blog is interesting, your pics looks great!
Have nice days in Sudan
With my peace


sligo said...

Petunia, where are you?!?

Kyle said...

I love the photos, more picture posts, more picture posts!!!

And MAN, I can see why so many great models come out of that continent. Not to sound absurdly shallow or anything (ok, I do sound absurdly shallow but I'm in now and going for broke) so many of them have awesome bone structure. Very photogenic.

Gatto999 said...

All nice photos !...

Ciao from Italy

Petunia said...

Gatto999: thanks! i hope all is well in Italy

nyGRINGAinCHILE: i miss you too!!! i hope you and el tigre are actively planning your trip to London to visit next year

M.Lane: thanks, and thanks :)

NAYER: how is Khartoum? am glad you like the blog, stop by anytime!

sligo: i am back now, i promise!

Kyle: the people here are gorgeous. i am constantly stopping and thinking how stunning everyone is.