Tuesday, March 17, 2009

I need me some inspiration

If anyone could send me a little inspiration, I'd be grateful. I'm at a point where I know that I'm leaving as does my employer and my staff, handing off my current position and starting another short term one (same organization) for the last 4 months so I know I won't get bored or antsy. But how to avoid the inevitable rush to the end? When you only focus on the event and date in the future and forget to pay attention to what is happening in the meantime, forget to smell the roses, so to speak?

Well there aren't any roses in Sudan, so I need something else to stop and "smell." Any ideas?

There is of course the new position, I could learn to ride a motorbike (was supposed to on Sunday but slept through my lesson...whoops), take up yoga, start running...but all these things take effort and energy is not something I have in plenty at the moment. I need a change of mindset, or an attitude adjustment (which was actually the name of my Granddad's boat, funnily enough!).

Also, today is Simba's interview for his tourist visa to the US. Since Kenya isn't exactly a card carrying member of the visa waiver program. It's insane the hoops he had to jump through. I'm nervous. Cross your fingers for us!


M.Lane said...

I have found myself in a similar situation a couple of times. What I found helped make it useful time rather than dead time is to focus on the people closest to me in the work, the people that two months away I would miss a lot and not be able to see. Returning a kindness or just paying some extra attention, that sort of thing.

You seem pretty good at that sort of thing.

Best of luck on your new adventure! I'll keep wishing and praying for the best for the Visa also!!


Petunia said...

M.Lane, thanks for the suggestions and comments! Very, very good point. Mentoring is never done and has more impact than any "project" could. I will do my best.

Now if I could only find an elephant as my Uncle Tom suggested via email, I could have the literal and the figurative inspiration all sorted out ..."No roses. Stop and smell the elephants. Find an elephant and ride that ole' boy! It will be hard to think of the future sitting on top of a magnificent creature like that."

Paula and Skip said...

Stumbled upon your blog and was flooded with memories of my time in Central and Southern Africa. Worked with street kids. You seem to be very observant, sensible and it is hard to imagine that you will end up being not good at the end :-)Wish you all the luck in the world and even being a German transplant to Florida and participating Viva waiver I had to struggle during first visit to the US. All the best for you, Paula

Petunia said...

Paula, thanks for your kind words and support! When were you in South Africa and for how long? I used to travel there frequently for work before I moved to Sudan. And yes, in our infinite knowledge the US visa process is a struggle for everyone. Hope you're enjoying Florida :)