Monday, February 9, 2009

Juba Market Pictures

I am working on designing/producing a nutritional guide for people living with HIV that has pictures of foods they can find in the markets in their own communities, so my team and I spent a few hours traipsing around the market taking photos of various food. Some of them came out beautifully, so here I present to you a tapestry of the Juba Market Foods. Enjoy!

Bananas. Aren't they so small and cute?

Sugar Cane - just hack off a piece with a machete and chew on it to get your sugar fix.

Cooking Oil. Thick and gross.

Cabbages (used instead of lettuce in EVERYTHING)

Avocados - the buttery kind



Pineapples (always disliked pineapple until I moved to Juba - they taste SO GOOD)

Limes/lemons (depends on who you ask)


Typical salad. Ok this wasn't from the market, but it's pretty, no?

Dried sardines

Amaranthus (cooked like Spinach) - the dark pink flowers are called Foxtail for those of you in the US.

Hard Boiled Eggs (on-the-go snack with a pinch of salt. little girls sell these by carrying them on their heads)

Peanuts (or "groundnuts" as they are called here)


Honey from Western Equitoria sold in water bottles (notice the bee???)

Cassava roots (pounded into a gooey starchy substance and eaten with everything)


Fish (imported from Uganda - heaven forbid anything actually originate from Southern Sudan)


M.Lane said...

What a fabulous post! Do the bananas taste better than the ones we get in the states? My bet is they do.

LOVE the name of the oil product! YUCK!!!


Mamacita Chilena said...

Oooh, I like picture posts.

Funny, that salad actually sort of looks like a typical Chilean salad. Are those tomatoes, cucumbers and red onions in it?

Petunia said...

M.Lane - the bananas do indeed taste better than in the states, as do the tomatoes, pineapples, avocados, etc... only downside is fruits and vegetables are expensive here: $1 USD for an apple!

Mamacita Chilena: You guessed the ingredients right, it is sort of like a Chilean salad! Except that there are actually more than one or two ingredients. So it's not just a plate of tomatoes, or palta :)