Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Introducing...MY KITTY!!!

This is SOOOOOOOOOOO exciting - I've wanted a cat for years but have never been in th situation to actually have/take care of one. Well now I have. Here's some pictures (still don't have a camera, these was taken from my webcam so are kinda small):He is 9 weeks old, black and white (obviously), and his name is Saffron.And his brother Loki who stays with my friend Sarah in the same compound I live in is always around as well (he's the all-black one on the bed below)
And speaking of the compound, here are a few preliminary pics of the inside of my tent:
Taken from the front "door" looking in - the pics above and below are of the first, main room with my bed, desk, etc.
Taken from the back "door" looking in - these 2 pics are taken from the room which will be split into 2 , half is my closet (you can see the wardrobe in the last pic) and half will be a bathroom (not yet installed). I now have power - lamps, a fan, and a place to plug in my computer and phone. In fact, I'm writing this blog now from the tent (and not the office) because I'm sick - Sunday I had another bout of stomach issues and a high fever (this time it went up to 103 so they're treating me for malaria as well as an antibiotic) so am resting for a couple days.

So I am now ALMOST properly settled, 9 months into my post in Juba. All I need is a mini fridge and a gas range so I can cook for myself (already got a rice cooker) and I'll be all set. Yippee!!!

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