Sunday, February 10, 2008

pictures and a white onion

Two highlights of my week: live music by a Congolese band (including 4 ladies dancing in pink sparkly spandex outfits), and finding white onions in the market. This may not seem like a big deal, but usually there are only small, red onions that are very strong. But a white onion, oh boy! To celebrate I made green bean salad with a vinigarette. Yummy. This week was quite busy. A few 16 hour days, and I worked both days this weekend. I can't WAIT until we hire additional staff. I have an R&R coming up in the beginning of March and need to figure out where to go. Mozambique? Paris? Zanzibar? Madagascar? What's your vote?

Also, thought I'd post some more random pictures of Sudan. Enjoy!
The guesthouse where I live

A view of Juba from the Jebel (big hill)Little to no infrastructureRoad between project sitesAnd my favorite, a road in Juba during the rainy season

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