Friday, September 21, 2007

Babysitting was not part of the job description

The other day I helped one of my colleagues with the photo shoot of local families and kids for some of the packaging and print material for our new products. This involved driving a land cruiser to their neighborhood, collecting everyone, driving to the guesthouse, and keeping them occupied while we got the pictures we needed. Simple, right? Wrong. First of all, even though we only needed about 8 people total, half the neighborhood showed up clean, dressed up, ready to go to the photo shoot. This includes 16 kids, 4 mothers, and 4 babies. So we pile everyone in back of the land cruiser and head through the horrendously bumpy roads to the guest house. Here's what that looked like... and this...

Once we got to the house, we had to keep all these kids entertained. So what is the best babysitter on earth? The tv. So we sat the kids down in front of a Spiderman DVD and went to take the pictures. That captured their attention for about 30 minutes, since they don't speak English, at which time I took them all outside to play frisbee and ball. Holy crap, playing with 15 kids between the ages of 4 and 9 who can't speak English was TIRING. They are all adorable, but this isn't exactly my forte. I mean, I like kids and all, but I don't exactly babysit in my spare time, ya dig? I prefer to hold the babies - it doesn't involve any of this running around nonesense :) So the guesthouse was turned into a daycare center for the afternoon, complete with "schoolbus." Whew!

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RyRy said...

Man. I hate being a subscriber to your blog. It just reminds me often how much I miss you! But, man, you're like Indiana Jones out there! Keep it up, girl!